Three of the largest bauxite mines on earth are located in one unique forest in Western Australia.
Now mining operations aim to scale up.

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Over the horizon, our future hangs in the balance.

Bauxite mining is the primary cause of deforestation in the South West forests. Alcoa and South32 have already cleared over 32,000ha of our ancient, beautiful jarrah forests. This is an area 80 times the size of Kings Park that has been destroyed for aluminium – an easily recyclable metal.

Now, a massive expansion is being planned.

Alcoa has recently been exposed for piping toxic waste over a drinking water dam and clearing steep slopes right alongside Perth’s drinking water supply. This clearing puts our water in danger of a contamination event that the Water Corporation calls a ‘serious intergenerational risk’. It would cost $2.6 billion to remediate and result in a doubling of our water bills.

This reckless mining is destroying ancient forests, pushing wildlife to extinction and threatening our water supplies. It is time to draw the line and stop mining expansions in this Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

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End Forest Mining is an alliance of many groups, representing tens of thousands of people, and growing. We are calling on the Cook Government to end forest mining and protect WA’s magnificent forests in National Parks.

WA Forest Alliance
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Jarrahdale Forest Protectors
Nature Reserves Preservation Group
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